• I Listen.

      You're used to hearing and solving everyone else's problems. With me, YOU are the center of my undivided attention and I listen intently for your heart's desires.


    • I Empower You.

      I believe you have everything within you to bring your dreams and goals to life. As your coach, I help bring those valuable traits to light and encourage you along the way.​


    • I Partner With You.

      Throughout our coaching engagement, I partner with you to co-design the steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be.


    • I Connect With You.

      Figuratively and virtually. From California to Washington, D.C., your location is fair game. We'll meet virtually over video - saving time and adding convenience.


    Need Help Making A Tough Decision?

    Having a hard time making an important decision? Is there something you're going back and forth on in this very moment?


    In your heart, you really want to make the "right" decision.  But you're slow to commit to an option because you want to cover all your bases and manage risk as best as possible.


    I get it. And while your desire to make the best decision is normal, your indecision could also be costing you time, productivity and credibility.


    Use this FREE tool to help you think through your options, put your thoughts in 'black and white' and  make your decision with confidence.


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    Danielle Graves

    Certified Life & Leadership Coach | Corporate Exit Strategist | Millennial Advocate | Transformation Catalyst

    "Millennials don't have next...we have NOW!"

    Danielle Graves is a certified life and leadership coach with a breadth of experience transforming organizations via human resources, technology, inclusion, and thought leadership. With her, high-powered clients create the shifts necessary to reimagine, realign and recalibrate the lives and careers of their wildest dreams.


    A fresh voice that the coaching world has been waiting for, Danielle fuses popular culture, corporate know-how and strategy in a way that helps her clients feel heard and understood. When you add a knack for illuminating millennial’s superpowers and how to wield them, it’s clear why she has a proven track record of transforming lives, careers, organizations and businesses. 


    Known for stoking the inner fire in every client she works with, Danielle coaches from her own experience of life-changing breakthroughs. Before bravely stepping out into entrepreneurship, she spent more than a decade with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where she held several key roles. As she quickly rose up the ranks from intern to manager, she realized that her rise as an African-American millennial within her organization was more of the exception than the standard. Deciding to do something about it, she started a small leadership strategy circle aimed at leveling the playing field for African-American millennials. The group soon morphed into a culture-changing movement serving hundreds across the organization, all drawn by the rich professional relationships and unconventional dialogue on leadership and personal development they had yet to find elsewhere.


    It’s power moves like these that prove why Danielle is the coach millennials need. With her by their side, her clients gain clarity and experience breakthroughs necessary to conquer their worlds with courage and confidence.


    Danielle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Elizabeth City State University, a Master of Science degree in Information Technology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and an Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University.


    Here's the word on the street...

    Danielle has been truly amazing to work with. She helps guide my thinking as it relates to specific questions or challenges and helps uncover various paths to reach my goals. I feel more confident in my leadership style and have some tips to carry with me as I navigate some of the more challenging parts of my job.  Danielle is a true partner to have as [you] progress through your life and career and I highly recommend working with her. 

    Krista W.

    ​San Francisco, CA

    I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with Danielle and receive coaching.  I feel like this experience will affect me in a positive way for the rest of my career, and life in general.  I was amazed that I was always able to come away from every meeting having met my goals, even when I was skeptical going in.  Danielle's intuition, positivity, engagement and insight were a very large part of that success!   

    Debbie G.

    Washington, D.C.

    Danielle was a great coach for two of my Senior Managers. I witnessed their growth first hand [sic] under Danielle's guidance. She provided recommendations that were both useful and effective. Managing staff can sometimes be very difficult, but Danielle's coaching methods and leadership experience provided my Senior Managers with the skill sets necessary to accomplish their goals. I highly recommend Danielle to any person looking to enhance their leadership and management skills. "People are our most valuable resource." Danielle has made it her top priority to tap into that resource. She truly cares about developing others!!!

    Eddie W.

    Washington, D.C.

    The experience has allowed me to...share in a safe space my concerns and grow as a leader/coach in my work and personal life.


    [Danielle] was open, honest, resourceful, kind and a great listener!  I would recommend that you contact her for her services! She will help you gain an insight on work, life and goals that you might have put to the side or just need to organize a little bit to kick it off!

    Jacci M.

    Washington, D.C.

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